a meeting with Ajahn Brahmavamso

i’m actually putting off writing this post… but now i feel like i should share it with you guys anyway. so here goes.

last Saturday, i went to see Ajahn Brahm with my mom and sister. the first thing that i was confused about was that he was so worshiped. i’m not saying that i have anything against Buddhism now that i say that, but i have these questions forming in my head. does he want to be ‘worshiped’? i mean, yes, he’s a monk and everything, but will he not be uncomfortable with all the attention that he received? he chose to live in humbleness and simplicity. fame and popularity isn’t exactly something that he’s looking for in his monk life, right? anyway, that’s just my stupid opinion. don’t bother.

anyway, the theme of his talk was Let Go Ego. it’s talking about how people think too much and that sometimes we should let go of the things that trouble us in order to make us happier human beings. i agree to that– but i’ve been taught, since i first can speak, that you should think before you talk, or at least do something. so i’ve come to the conclusion that we should just do whatever it is that works for us. i mean, we are all different individuals with different preferences… for one, i know that i think too much; but not thinking about anything was just unimaginable.

i have to say that he’s such an inspiration. even though i’m a catholic, and does not practice Buddhism, i appreciate and respected him for being some sort of a motivator. how he, in all his simplicity, can help people with life problems. i need to learn more from him, and his nature of saying things in an animated and funny way made the talk even more fun. i’d like to attend more of his talks in the future.

but the one thing that i really wanted to know was if he ever swatted a mosquito before. in his talk, and in various stories in his book, he told the audience that he disliked mosquitoes. but according to the ‘guideline’, monks aren’t supposed to kill anyone or anything. i was really curious if he ever, at least once, killed a mosquito before while being a monk. but i didn’t have time to ask him that. i’ll ask him that if i ever have the chance to meet him again.

so that’s it. i’ll be writing about the Sunday post soon… since it can be considered as one of the best days of my life, i should definitely write it on here… ^^ until then bloghearts. see you.

picture: dharmaflowersangha.blogspot.com


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