#np: Friday – Rebecca Black

it’s Friday, Friday… gotta get down on Friday– partyin’ partyin’ yeah! partyin’ partyin’ yeah!! fun fun fun fun

hey people !! 😀

so i’m back from Mansha’s seventeenth birthday party. she’s my friend fyi.

it was fun… ^^ something that i needed. a party on a friday night. so i did my nails and wore my heels and ate and danced and yeah, basically partied.

the moon is shining so brightly tonight, and it might sound cheesy, but it is so gorgeous, it’s such a shame to be looking at it alone. well~ i’m a romantic. but i’m not this cheesy. not usually 😉

Marcelle, which is another friend of mine went to the party and met her boyfriend there. we were chatting by the pool when Mansha took her heels away and put it on the end of a… sort of a walking pathway that trails onto the middle of the pool (i really don’t know how to describe it) anyway, her boyfriend got her heels for her and everyone were like “aww~” –this is why i strongly recommend you to not enter a school when you know you’ll only have 2 boys in your class. (jk babies~ my friends are the awesome-st!)

so i’m single, and a little pathetic. but at the end of the day, i know i’ll be able to hold myself up until the right guy comes. that’s always the most important part, right?

anyways, if you’ll excuse me, i shall continue my work before i sleep too late again. been sleeping late since the FEM concert. slept at 2 AM on Tuesday, 2AM on Wednesday since i have this breast cancer project thing for biology, 10 PM yesterday, but it felt like i haven’t slept at all… so i better hustle if i’m planning to sleep ASAP.

see you people ^^ enjoy your day. or night for that matter.

p.s. rebecca black is currently a trending topic on twitter worldwide. if you don’t know her, go google her up and her debut single. personally, i don’t think that she can actually sing. but it’s all good fun.  ++ her song totally fits my current situation. so.. yeah! 😀

p.s.1. photos will follow shortly when someone posted them on facebook. too lazy to do so myself :p


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