flying like a G6 meeting groups of people who can’t get over themselves–

hey peeps. i’m finally blogging again! finally! 😀 it feels so good to be back.

two days ago, i attended Far East Movement‘s concert. and o… o-m-g. it was a blast 😉

so okay, the wait was ridiculously long and i sort of stood for approx 7 hours from 5.30 – 12 PM. the introducing bands and djs were rather draggy, but i enjoyed the night… i really did.

we met a lot of people there, a few annoying ones as well :p  there’s this group of teens that i think spoke English to intimidate other people. so yes, i know that you can speak English, and i know that you think most Indonesians might not understand English, but be real. it was a FEM concert. they are from downtown Los Angeles for pete’s sake. some people are bound to know English–and i  guess it’s rather painful for people to speak English amongst themselves in order to show that they’re actually cooler than some of us. and then they switched into speaking Chinese and French as well.. >< urgh. i’m not trying to brag or anything, but umm~ hello!! i know all the things that you were saying! and you said those things in Chinese wrong. how would you feel if you have known that i’m listening and that i know every word that you’re saying, and bonus, know that you’re actually saying it the wrong way?

moving on… i must admit that FEM appeared to late into the night. everyone was tired, especially those who are in the Festival area, standing. i swear, my limbs felt like jelly and my joins felt like they’re going to dislocate any minute, but i appreciated people who are performing. i do crouch down once in a while to settle down the several body aches but then again, i know that they’re putting so much effort onto the performance, i just cannot let them down. idk if that’s the right phrase or not since i’m the one who bought the tickets– but still, some girls in front of me were literally sitting on the floor and boo-ing (T.T i apologize in advance for the use of that term) on the performers. and i’m like: “it’s not like you can dj or sing like them… i wonder if you can even sing at all.”

so please guys and girls. self confidence is a-okay. in fact it’s brilliant! i’m sweating blood trying to be confident and it’s not easy to not be insecure. but respect other people. i think that people who believe that they’re better than everyone else are lame. and people who made other people insecure by their overconfidence are even lamer.

all in all… a memorable night. i arrived home at 1. 30 AM and had to shower and wash my hair since i smell like cigarette smoke and it was suffocating. end up sleeping at 2 AM and was completely exhausted. FEM was AWESOME!!! ❤ i cried my lungs out singing Like a G6 and Rocketeer.. my two favorites. for this concert, i ditched school halfway on Tuesday– but thinking that i’ll only be seventeen once in my life, i’m going to enjoy myself. i play when it’s play time, and study when it’s study time. and i’m so glad and i played hard last Tuesday.



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