“pretty pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel, that you’re less than–less than perfect.”

okay. so it’s 20 past 3 AM already and i haven’t slept nor have i brushed my teeth. i must be crazy and i can guarantee i’ll be a walking corpse tomorrow. -_-

anyways, the purpose of this post is simply to proclaim that i’m a VERY HUGE fan of P!NK. or PINK. or pink. whichever. pink. not the color pink.. though, i’m gradually growing to like it, but this is the singer, actress, song-writer pink.

those are my most favorite music videos from her. people might perceive her as controversial, and yes, it’s true–but it’s like that she’s honest more than anything. because life isn’t just about falling in love, getting your heart broken, losing a friend, and all that is considered ‘mild’. yes, it hurts; and yes, i’ve been through all of them. but life is also about injustice; how you are judged mistakenly; and how people think that you’re wrong just because you’re different. and i mean, we do make mistakes–especially as teens, and i don’t think that that’s a bad thing. the music videos are supposed to make a statement and open the eyes of humanity to the problems that they sometimes are so blinded to. && it’s true what she said in one of the interviews she did. “you cannot move mountains by whispering to them”

i love her because she creates deep and honest songs–and something that is very much personal. from the weird and crazy concepts of her music videos, i come to the conclusion that she doesn’t care of what other people thinks about her… she is naturally someone whom i have to look up to. i’m always caged and scared of other people’s judgement that i tend to lose myself on the way. probably not being as extreme as she is, but at the very least, i should be able to stand up and defend me for who i am.

so~ that’s it people. i need to get some snooze now. ma mere would be waking any minute now >< she wakes up super early and i always sleep super late T.T

bonne nuit~ xoxo


3 thoughts on ““pretty pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel, that you’re less than–less than perfect.”

  1. AWESOME outlook. I totally agree, the PERFECT song seems just like my life. i think of our 16year old daughter each time I hear this song cuz it reminds me of all she is going through emotionally in school and at home and all. That song does have deep meaning…teens, parents, and families don’t realize the damage they do with all the bullying and criticism of each other. NO ONE IS PERFECT, but we all have to be understanding of each other. THANK YOU for your brave comments. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

    1. thank you for your comment 😀 it really is a reminder that excessive criticism and a limited space for being creative can result to very low self esteem.
      yes, no one is perfect, and yes, we can all make a difference! 😀 once again, thank you for reading and commenting. i’ll see you ard!

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