“‎(As reported on BBC) Tonight at 9.30pm–the whole world is going to pray for Japan for a minute. Please broadcast this message to give Japan the hopes to live.”

so i was back from praying. i don’t have any relatives in Japan, really… but i empathize them. an 8.9 magnitude earthquake happened in Japan and it was said to be Japan’s worst earthquake in over 100 years. a 23 feet high tsunami followed afterwards.

rin unnie is currently in Tokyo. i was so worried for my forum friends who reside in Japan–so i immediately tweeted her,asking if she’s well… rin unnie was okay. she said that she didn’t feel anything (how could she? -_-) but i was relieved. at the very least, i know that she’s okay.and i just chatted with emma. she’s another forum friend of mine from Australia. she said that she’s never cried that much in her entire life. she did home stays twice in Japan and she said that she was worried for her home stay family and only had 2 hours of sleep– i literally had goosebumps listening to her story. i guess the whole thing about the broken power lines made people even more restless. && the news here is all about Japan 24/7.

plus, some rumors are circulating in twitter saying that Satoshi Tajiri (founder of Pokemon) and Yuko Yamaguchi (founder of Hello Kitty) died because of the tsunami that followed after the earthquake.  i’m not sure, but people are saying that these are false. (if you haven’t known, twitter/ twitter users LOVE(S)to proclaim fake deaths. for what reasons unexplainable). people have really lost their sense of humor because that is simply not funny. i hope they understand that the situation is not fitting for such petty jokes.

this morning, my mom was actually reconsidering my university choices. she said that it might be too risky if i were to study in Japan and swore that even though it happened in a different island, she would have a heart attack if i’m there studying. but i guess, disasters can happen anywhere. the earth is seriously sick, and if humanity doesn’t stop trying to further destroy it, safe places are nowhere to be found.

be strong Japan… we are with you :’)


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