never give up.

there’s this awareness that you’ll never have perfect days for the whole year. mine particularly suck today. i don’t feel like talking about it, but let’s just say that everything crashed on me today. i guess fatigue plays a big part in this– as well as the monthly guest that is currently visiting. the friend problem; some family problems; school problems; life. i felt like i’ve flunked my physics test earlier when i know i didn’t and that i could always ask for a remed, but still… i always feel like a total failure for nothing. so after letting myself stay silent for a full 15 minutes, just listening to my heartbeat, and just myself, i broke up a sweat and bathed in hot water.

you have to understand, that when you feel like the  whole world thinks that you are a complete loser, all you can do is let yourself heal. and never give up.



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