in love in a perfect Saturday morning…

hey people! i’m writing to you on a perfect Saturday morning !! ๐Ÿ˜€ that is saying something since the past Saturday mornings haven’t exactly been the best.

idk why, but i feel so in love today. ^^ no, i’m still single, and i think for a couple of years ahead (T.T) but i am in love with everything today. i ate heaven food for breakfast– black coffee with a piece of bread with cheese and chocolate, and is listening to M2M- Pretty Boy. see? i told you that i’m very much in love this morning. i’m crossing my fingers that it would last throughout the day.

since i’m in a very good mood today, and is strangely feeling diligent, i’m stuck in dilemma on whether i should continue with my story or just complete some work today. i’ll probably do some working out today, and i think mom’s going to gramma’s house later this day. completely bliss~ or, better yet, i’m going to dress up and write beautiful poems and act like i’m really in love for real. xD

anyway, i might be blogging later on in the evening, but i’m not promising anything. i might post ‘princessy’ pictures if i’m feeling super happy… ๐Ÿ˜€ย oh, and the Lucy Liu movie that i watched yesterday was Marry Me. and yes, you can just about guess from the title that the movie is indeed a romantic comedy; and yes, mom was right. it was a good movie.

until then. au revoir mes ami ^^



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