happy 1st birthday blog!! <3

drum roll please!!!

okay, today is a very special day for me and my blog because… my blog has just turned 1 !! 😀

a round of applause please! lol. i know it doesn’t seem much, but it’s definitely an important milestone for me.

anyways, i first blogged at the 25th of February last year, and so my blog is celebrating her first birthday today!! wheee~ *throws confetti* anyway, i’m going to keep writing. it feels like visiting a gallery of memories when i open my blog each and everyday. to everyone who are constantly reading this and have been a loyal reader from the start, kudos to you. thank you for sparing the time to read all of my anxieties, happiness, fear and misery. even though i would like it more if people who came here comment on posts, i’m already happy as it is. ^^

okay. my sister went to like this giant children playground where they can pretend to be doctors, or firemen, or bakers… you know, stuff like that. so i had to wake up super early today and drop my sister off at school. and since today’s a Friday, school felt especially draggy, but i tried my best to concentrate every time the teachers were explaining. when my energy finally ran out when the clock strikes two, i immediately crave for pasta. like seriously. i need to regain my energy back. so, after picking both of my sisters up from school, we drove to Pizza Hut where i ate carbs like i was possessed. but i want to eat what i want to eat, and i think i deserve some carbs. i’m hella tired.

and now, i’m going to watch this super awesome movie starring Lucy Liu. i forgot what it’s called, and i’m too lazy to go to the TV room and back again just to tell you guys the title of the movie, but my mom highly recommended it. i might tell you guys next time if i don’t forget 😉 adios for now…


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