i don’t want to marry if i don’t have a job first!!

hey… so i’m currently at school. and yes, blogging at school >< it’s actually hogging the bandwidth, but then again, i’m so perfectly immune to the guilt of hogging the school’s bandwidth and i really have this strong inkling that i wouldn’t be able to blog at home since i really have to finish my chemistry mindmap, my KAPLAN essay that is still pending && i need to do my unfinished story. it’s so frustrating to know that i might never be able to finish it. i dread the thought of it, but i couldn’t deny that as a possibility.

well, apart from my hectic schedule this past few weeks, (and ongoing schedule, unfortunately) i turn to youtube for some fresh and out of the blue entertainment. and yesterday, i found this:

i seriously crack up when i watched that video.

i don’t want to get married, if i don’t have a job first! i don’t care if i marry you, i don’t care if i marry another man!

she is like really demanding for a job or she wouldn’t marry >< five and perfectly programmed to believe in such things. well, i know for the fact that things may change in the future, but i really think that she might be more mature than i am. xD a five year old! she’s younger than my youngest sister! and my youngest sister is 10 years younger than i am T.T wow.

anyways, that’s a little bit of something. i hope that its hilarity may overcome whatever trouble you readers are currently experiencing 😀 now… back to work. adios friends.


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