aren’t you just jealous of my designer eye bags? T.T

sorry~ sorry~ for not updating!

no, i’m not going to stop writing here nor did i plan to, it’s just that i have so many things to do it’s not even funny.

usually, i will still spare some time to write and you know, do my things. a.k.a distractions, but this time around, i just can’t. it’s like the urge to distract myself is not even there in the first place. /gaspeth. blasphemy.

i was done with a couple of things. i’m done with my stem cell investigation report as well as my organic chemistry 200 word essay. i’m also done with my French Role play and homework as well… so, yeah. i still have a lot to do. i’m in the middle of perfecting my Scholastic Essay, and is in the middle of convincing myself to do this mind map for Electrochemistry. oh, and i have to act in a drama tomorrow. luckily, i’m not going to act as a major role. i’m not good at acting. i think that it isn’t hard to believe.

and the weather is so hot and humid nowadays!~ like seriously… i get sweaty every time i jump out of the shower. another reason why i shouldn’t be outside an air conditioned room for long xD

anyways, i found this on youtube, and i just think that it is positively hilarious! it’s actually a video of a sneezing baby panda that was recorded 5 years ago. and now, it has already been watched for 98 million times!!!!!!!! oh how i love you humanity. we are going nutso. like seriously. BUT, it is entertaining, nonetheless. i like how the mother panda was like: “nom nom nom nom (WTH?) nom nom nom” and the baby panda sorta did a jump when he sneezes. so cute~

anyway, blogging time is over for me. i’mma try to do my homework and sleeeeeeppp~ right away!! ❤ zomg. beauty sleep sounds so precious T.T


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