#1 miso soup! && happy birthday grammaa!~ /kisses cheeks

okay. so i’m in the midst of typing and massaging my feet now. >< sore feet!! sore feet!!

as i’ve told you before, we went out to eat and celebrate my gramma’s birthday. we went to eat at this Japanese restaurant called Keyaki in Sari Pan Pacific hotel and… it was awesome!! 😀 well, the sashimi platter was okay… i love the potato seafood gratin, but the best out of all these were…. the miso soup. yes, plain old miso soup with nothing but nori & tofu. gosh. you should have a taste of that miso soup! it’s the best miso soup that i’ve tasted so far.

and then after eating, i went to Le Meridien to attend this education fair. it’s about universities in America. from amongst the ones that i went to, i’m most attracted to Iowa State Uni, Oregon State Uni, Portland State Uni, and Uni of Missouri. they either excel in biotechnology and/or food sciences and some of them, international business. and i’m now probably, 40% sure that i would either go to international business or biotechnology or food science/ food tech. but i’m definitely taking international business if i’m going to Japan. /sigh/ i really don’t know which one to pick.

and theeeenn…. after going to the education fair, i went to Grand Indonesia which was basically this giant, humongous shopping mall. and that is exactly why my feet is sore right now. >< i really can’t imagine how my feet would be like if i’ve worn heels earlier. disaster.

anyways, i took pictures of the food. i took a picture with my grams 😀 she looked happy, and so i’m happy. happy birthday gramma!!!!!!!!! ❤ may you live a long and healthy life. xoxo

p.s. i’ll upload pictures when i’m in a less hectic schedule. >< busy, and imageshack acting up on me. not cool.


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