write write write

hey people… it has been a long time since i last wrote here, eh?

well, i’m actually getting some work done, which is good, and i’m gradually getting a grip of my life once again.

gramma is having her birthday today, so i ditched Japanese and went to her house to have a simple lunch ^^ it was good. idk what the dish is called in English, but the rice is so very rich with flavor and the tender meat is just to die for. i really had a good lunch. tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating in a bigger scale  as we planned on going to a Japanese restaurant and have another lunch together as a family. i’ll also attend some sort of a university education fair. Iowa State University would be holding up a fair in Le Meridien hotel tomorrow, and i thought of joining just because both of my parents graduated from there >< i know that that’s a very sentimental reason, but i’m alway sentimental. i love something that has sentimental value to me 😀

i’m done with my Scholastic essay. might have to review it once more just so that i know it’s going to be perfect, and i’m also making progress with some projects and paperworks. /crosses fingers ^^ i hope i can get it done way before the deadline. it reduces much stress.

is thinking of having an early start tomorrow. i’ll probably start up a jog first thing. and then i’ll probably be writing again, or practicing my piano….  /sigh

see you tomorrow blog. have a good day 🙂

sadly, i didn’t take pictures… i’ll definitely take some tomorrow and upload them 😉


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