doing my work.

hey blog… i’m still feeling a little bit ‘under the weather’ but i’m better now ^^

so, i’m going to make a list of things that i haven’t done… again. i know that it must bore you to death, dear blog, but i need it. i need to tick away my stress and put them in order as to avoid more stress. so here goes nothing.

*biology presentation -which will be done by tomorrow, Thank God.

*stem cell research and paper

*scientific principles assignment

*computing assignment

*history presentation

*KAPLAN essay

*Scholastic essay

*GAC essay

*French conversation

yea. that’s basically it. now that i know what to do, i can, at the very least, limit my distractions knowing that i have so much to do.

/sigh/ but i love Wednesdays. i do. i really do. it’s like the opposite of Monday for me. once Monday is over, i don’t really dread school as i know that the week will pass by like nothing happened. && when you get to Wednesday, you know that you’re half way through the week and that the rest of the week would only be a couple of days away. my reaction of Wednesday is: “YES!! i survived the week!”

so i better get going. some of those essays are going to play a big part of my future and considering that i acknowledge that now, i shouldn’t take any of them for granted. one is (hopefully) going to land me a scholarship for college, another one is (hopefully, again) going to ship me to Penang so that i could attend the student conference there. i’m crossing my fingers tightly now. really tightly.

gtg now. xoxo



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