“i was a dish maid when the prince married me. And he loves me, because i’m me.” – Cinderella

/sigh/ the day that we all have been waiting for… well, i didn’t initially anticipate it. just because i don’t have a boyfriend to spend it with 😀 /guilty. but then i refuse to be sad on love day. i shall be single and happy and happy and single. whichever goes first.

today, my school has this in school dance competition. the other classes have very powerful and skillful dances, but my class danced like there’s no tomorrow and won 🙂 i’m so happy with that. this time, i honestly thought that we wouldn’t win since we (again) weren’t well prepared. in all honesty, if truth be told, i think my class won because we are strong in the confidence department. we just move our arms, legs and butts like we have no shame. which is very useful in times where you think you might have to go temporarily crazy.

and lunch was also fabulous. each class did some cooking, and my class cooked ramyun, shabu-shabu, yakiniku and sorbet. we ate to our hearts’ content knowing that we would burn calories later on. and we did. i sweat like a pig. like literally. i know that it isn’t very ladylike, but oh well…

so i smiled my best smile today, i played the piano like i’m in love, and i ate roasted chicken for dinner thinking that there is no better chicken meat in this whole world compared to what i was eating just now. i feel warm and fuzzy on the inside by just doing that. i gave people who are closest to me some sweets and i also gave myself a box of chocolate xD

and then my mom texted me this:

i ♥ ur pretty face,great talents and the smart brain inside ur head. but what i really ♥ about u is that u care and i know u’ll always be there for me. may God bless u like He bless me for having a daughter like u. happy valentine’s day dear…

really mom… you would never know how lucky i am to be your daughter. i love you too :”)

that’s the end of my valentine’s day post. i’ll be spending my valentine night editing a file and also writing the valentine scene for my story. and then i’ll be having another very special movie date with ma…

have a good night bloghearts. if you’re spending the day and night with that someone you love, make them feel like they’re the most special person in this whole wide world. if you’re single (like me T.T), spend it with a happy heart. because being happy when you’re single means being happy with yourself first before sharing it with your own prince or princess who is currently making many wrong turns before reaching your place.

i love you bloghearts. i love you to death.

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