Matthew Macfadyen

dun dun dunnnn!!!!!~~~ okay, so guess who he is. he’s THE Mr. Darcy. his name is Matthew Macfadyen.

so my friends are like: “why are you blogging about a married man?”

well, okay, he’s married, and he is already a father of two very adorable children BUT, he was pretty young when he played Pride and Prejudice and… well, i like him. WHAT’s WRONG WITH THAT?! D:<

i wanted to blog about him since like forever considering that he’s playing my fictional sweetheart (lizzy’s fictional sweetheart, but whatever πŸ˜‰ )

idk why, but i just cannot imagine him not playing Mr. Darcy, in a sense that he’s so perfect for that role, he would be irreplaceable. i think that’s partly because he’s such a big guy. you know what i mean? people nowadays search for prettier guys to appear on TV, but he’s a proper man, with an athletic build and has a height of 190cm. however he’s really vulnerable inside and desperately romantic which makes it all the more sweet… and that reflects on Mr. Darcy as well. he’s vulnerable in a sense that he’s probably shy but it doesn’t mean that he’s not principled. he’s very principled in fact, considering that he prevented Mr. Bingley from marrying Jane at first for the belief that Jane is indifferent towards him and also for “the lack of propriety shown by her mother,Β her three younger sisters, even in some case her father.” but he’s mistaken for being pride and haughty instead.

so let me list the facts. Matt Macfadyen has: pretty blue eyes (βœ”); structured jawline (βœ”); dark brown hair xD (βœ”); English accent (βœ”); is tall (βœ”); likes the etiquette of the 18th century (βœ”); his voice. zomg his V O I C E (βœ”); etc.

and i can’t believe that he once went to a school in Indonesia. like here!!! i’m at a lost on where he went. seems so surreal, and the education here isn’t that good 10-15 years ago. >< && he also said that he prefers theater and dramas rather than television programs or movies. i know he’s on a version of P&P, he’s on a version of Wuthering Heights, he’s on Perfect Strangers, and then Spooks. but then i think he mostly appears on theaters and stuff. yeah…

so that’s probably it. i know i’m fangirling a married man, but oh well, can’t help it πŸ˜‰ i fangirl a lot anyways… xD just so you know, i LOVE this guy to bits. his wife is very lucky, his children are very lucky as well– i wish him a happy life. ❀


4 thoughts on “Matthew Macfadyen

  1. Oh please! I finally found someone thinking about Matthew MacFadyen just like me! That’s so great! I’m going to see him in ‘Jeeves & Wooster’! Sooo exited! πŸ˜€ Please do me the honour and reply
    Lots of love,

    1. JEALOUS! omg….. sorry for the late reply. life caught up with me, and college was brutal this past week, but omg! so excited for you (: ikr! finally a MacFadyen fangirl!

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