my top 7 most favorite romantic classics… at least for now.

drum roll please!!! so i guess you guys are not alienated to the fact that i adore, love and worship romantic classics. they are just absolutely irresistible. the plot line, the characters, the setting, the time period… everything. i even swore that if i get to be reincarnated, which i’m not (because i don’t believe any of those things) i want to live in that period. you know? the period where what you have to worry about is flu and arranged marriage. >< i know it might not sound that simple, but still. those times look so… magical.

1. Pride and Prejudice

my absolute favorite! Pride and Prejudice. Read the book since i was 10 years old and i am still not tired of it up until now. it held some sentimental value to me and i have written more than one review of this story on various forums and websites. and now i’m writing it here… imagine romance, wit and a big dollop of sarcasm in one movie or one book for that matter. THAT is bliss! i love Elizabeth Bennett, i love Mr. Darcy, i love Jane Austen. i love everything about this book! anyone who haven’t read the book or watched the movie… blasphemy.

2. The Young Victoria

the bottom trailer is the UK version one. i initially wanted to only insert one trailer, but then i cannot decide between the two. >< excuse my indecisiveness. anyway, this movie is about Queen Victoria and how she overcame her obstacles in becoming queen. i know that she was the first person who started the tradition of wearing a white dress in a wedding and if you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that i’ve made a little research about her. there’s only one thing left to say. if what is shown in that movie is only a fragment of the intensity of Queen Victoria’s and Prince Albert’s love for each other, then no wonder she mourned for him by wearing black for the remaining 40 years of her life.

3. Becoming Jane

More of like a biography turned movie. the only bad part: it’s a sad ending; the whole movie is about the life of Jane Austen and i guess, how she got the inspiration to write a couple of fantastically written romance novels. if, that movie depicts the real life of Jane Austen, then she must’ve got her inspiration from her tragic love life herself. she never married, her sister never married… it was overall such a very sad ending. but then again, her life and everything that

4. Bright Star

i was first hooked when i watch the trailer. there’s just this aura that the trailer exude. something peaceful, but yet still fierce and passionate. the movie tells about John Keats, a very famous poet, and his bright star, who is i presume, his muse. there’s just something very fresh about the whole thing, and that movie is simply a love quote storage for those who are helplessly romantic *coughlikemecough* Believe me that when you are expected to be up and awake for a university trip the next day, even pulling an all-nighter is worth it for this movie.

5. An Education

P A R I S. like her, i’ve always wanted to go to Paris. Marry someone that i love, eat good food, listen to good music, dress myself up everyday… but that’s just the thing. life is just simply not that easy. you have to climb your way up from where you start and that itself is not a thing that could be quickly achieved. i adore Carey Mulligan. i think that she’s one of the most exceptionally pretty woman walking this Earth, i think that she acted fabulously in this movie… i think Peter Saarsgard acted the jerk role excellently, and i think the movie just about taught me something as well.

6. Coco Before Chanel

Before she was Chanel, she was Coco. Gosh. both Coco and Chanel are beautiful names. and together, they make up the name of one of the most famous, classical, designer of all times. i can’t afford branded items as of now, and i wonder when i will be able to actually buy those luxury goods, but Chanel is one of my most favorite designers of all times. my grandma loves Chanel, my ma loves Chanel, i love Chanel… she’s just a classic, and this movie is going to tell us about her past history. so i love this movie as well! 😀

7. The Duchess

the fashionable duchess. to be married so young to a very old ‘duke’ and having him mistreat her for not giving him a baby boy. the duke married the duchess, but i just cannot contemplate the fact that everyone is in love with the duchess except for the duke! that is just ridiculously extraordinary. why marry her in the first place? people might not admit it, but since  a long long long time ago, we’d be surprised at what a good body and a beautiful face can bring us to. tsk. humanity. nevertheless, the movie is very moving and i love it. everyone should give this movie a chance.

~ so that’s just about it. i (frankly) haven’t watched Romeo and Juliet yet just because there are so many versions of it and i just can’t decide which one to watch first… and i can’t seem to find a link to watch Wuthering Heights for free online. xD you’d be amazed at just how hard it can get to find an old classical romance movie here… it’s just so laughable. except that it’s not funny for me since i sort of worship these old movies and i hate it when i have searched everywhere for a movie and still couldn’t find it.

that’s the end of my top 7 most favorite romantic classics… for now. i shall scour more for these films and indulge myself to it. you should too! watching these kinds of movie is a very beautiful escape from your daily routines ❤


the helpless romantic


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