have a fluffy year everyone!

/hops in like a rabbit –hey bloggers !!

so, the day is almost coming to an end. this year’s CNY wasn’t that special or anything, but i enjoyed the small break that it gives me from all of my routines and stress. that’s the best part.

++ i did get some money /grins/ so i can actually afford the floral dress that i have been eying for a while now.

ate oranges for prosperity – checked.

ate apples for safety – checked.

ate dumplings for wealth – checked.

so i pretty much ate everything that was on my to-eat list. xD

although, bad news is: my cold got worse. my nose itch so bad and my eyes now water every time i sneeze >< psh. darn flu. it seems like everyone in my family is ‘under the weather’ now because really, the weather is really bad rn. it gets hot and then it gets cold all of a sudden. such drastic changes T.T

anyhow, i need to go and hustle with my editing. it might be a long time since i’ve edited, but when i get to do a project, i get to do 3 files at the same time! 😥 and with my school, CNY and everything else that is going on, i haven’t have much time to do what i’m responsible of. /sigh/ so i’m warming myself up with hot tea now and will be getting started with editing. i just hope that i don’t get too long. tomorrow will be another long day….

until then honey bunnies ^^

xin nian kuai le! shen ti jian gang! sui sui ping an! wo ai ni


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