the question

what will you do if your friend teases you about a past ex or about a past someone that was special to you?

frankly, idk the best way to actually get out of that situation, but i know that the harder i try to deny it, the harder it will be for people to believe that it is not true. they will be like: “why fuss about it if it’s not true?” or “why can’t you just keep cool and go with the flow?”

so i did just that. when everyone is trying to tease and set me up, i followed their plot. so it goes on twitter, and you know that what goes on twitter doesn’t stay in twitter. damn~ it goes everywhere! just like it did with facebook and friendster. and better yet, the subject of the topic was mentioned. if you know what i mean.

anyways, i blog just to say that everything’s not real. i actually feel guilty now knowing that i’ve played with someone else’s feelings. i’m sorry and i have nothing else to say.

i’ve previously asked a question that has been bugging me for years now.

would you choose to be with someone who loves you deeply without you loving them? or would you choose to be with someone who you love, but he doesn’t love you back?…

the question is perfectly general. it doesn’t have to be a ‘she’ to a ‘he’ or vice versa… i just need the truth.

idk what other people will say about this, but i know what i will do.

walk away. because i can’t be with someone who i don’t love.


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