happy rabbit year! <3

12.06AM ; 03/02/11 – the tiger year is finally over and the rabbit hops into view.

happy chinese new year everyone!

idk why i’m still up at this time of … day, but i just still am. it feels like i have some other things that i have to do, but i really don’t know what i should do. so i’m blogging right now.

the bad news is that i’m sick. i don’t feel well. AND on Chinese new year! pssh. bad body!! /hits self

anyway, may this year brings us joy, happiness, fiercer love, tighter friendship, luck and prosperity. i want to thrive and do better this year. we don’t usually make lunar new year resolutions, don’t we? but oh well…. i did my resolutions for 2011, and i’m definitely going to fulfill that. i’ll try harder this year and do whatever that i can to make my dreams come true… that would be like the ultimate success for me 😀

enjoy your dumplings, oranges, tea and cakes darlings, wherever you are… make the most out of this day. && don’t forget to collect the money envelopes! that’s the best part. oh yeah! ^^

lots of love,



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