zero to socializing

twitter: low tweet counts

facebook: rare status updates.

blog: abandoned.

i just don’t get it. don’t people nowadays appreciate what we teens call socializing?

i know i know.. scold me as much as you want, but i don’t exactly have all of the time in the world to update the blog frequently. and i’m sorry for that >< i don’t even know what i’m doing anymore right now. i need a break. a quick one. Thank God Chinese New Year is just around the corner !

i’m also missing my babies. Alex and Rachel. i hope my characters are doing well without me, forming their own little story. i really need to get back to my story… and finish it. even if that’s the last thing that i do, i shall finish it. hmph.

anyways, for now, i should just worry about my biology project, business test which will be held tomorrow as well as this scientific principle report thing && i have this feeling that i might be getting my editing assignments very soon now–finally, after such a long hiatus. /sigh/ lots of things to do. i should hustle hustle! wish me luck bloghearts ❤


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