miso ramen & sauce doodling

last friday… (woah, i have delayed writing this for such a long time!), my friend Ardine treated us to eat at the small Ramen shop that was just across the street from my house.

in all honesty, i cannot recall any other times where i felt so full i just cannot bear it. i ate lunch at about 12, and was again served with a big bowl of ramen at half past 2. but then again, when it is ramen, i can’t help but eat everything up 😀

sadly, i didn’t take a picture of it… but i have to tell you that it’s deeeelicious! i ate gyuu miso ramen, which is basically beef ramen with miso soup. living in within walking distance to a ramen shop is indeed bliss, especially if you have a special place in your heart for ramen. believe that people!

we talked, and ate; talked and ate… we talked about a lot of things. it was really something that i will never forget. oh! and there’s also this sauce doodling thing going on 🙂 that’s the fun part.

and then i ended up taking a dare from Fahad. i would shortly write about it and include it in as one of the things that i did before i turned 18 ^^ i’m really serious on this. i never go down when i’m challenged. /sigh/ me and my competitiveness.

anyways, i’m going to say this for the nth time. happy birthday Ardine~ may you be lucky and have a good life as a 16 year old. that’s always rare.


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