plugins and talk shows.

so do you know what dears?

i spent my WHOLE afternoon looking for a way to write a post on the page, and i found this plugin that could enable me to do so. but then i was very confused as wordpress.COM does NOT have a plugin tab. little did i know, there is another wordpress.ORG that has the plugin tab while wordpress.COM’s plugin tab has been disabled due to security reasons.

so after this whole shenanigan that i went through, i only find that i CANNOT activate the plugin and so i CANNOT write a post on the page that i want. it turns out that i might just have to post a link after all, and look pathetic. oh well~

what bothers me though is that there is supposed to be this support center for wordpress.COM users and some who replied those question threads are volunteers. i find it very inconvenient to know that they’re not really people friendly. i know that people should read stickies and topic titles, but come on! that place is similar to a customer service center. and someone, like me for instance, who’s a totally a technical dumb might just stumble into that place and not know of wordpress.ORG in the first place. be fair, okay? we do not volunteer; that being said, we don’t know EVERYTHING about wordpress. /sigh. don’t volunteer if you keep calling people dumb. it hurts.

anyway, i still have this daddy problem. and i’ll be truthful here and say that he’s mad at me because i missed this one, and i repeat ONE talk show. well, this one talk show is about scientists from Indonesia and their experience– how they do astronomy; management and information & technology and whatnot, outside of the country. so i guess it’s pretty important, or at least, my dad might’ve thought that it might be important for my future. and holy mackerel, i missed it. and yeah, he got angry with me.

so knowing that he’s being slightly immature right now, i need to level up myself and think more broadly. after that incident, i searched the whole of youtube for that single episode of talk show and watched myself away until midnight, making sure that i remember everything that the person says….

problems solved. i don’t need to preach to the choir about it, and… it’s done! yeah! just like that. so i might be blogging for quite sometime while multitasking. you know just how much i master the art of multitasking.


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