challenge #1 : swimming at night

so all of this shenanigan first started when i read an article in a magazine. sadly, i forget which one… and i can’t seem to find it >< anyways, stated there was a list with this as the title: 18 things to do before you turn 18. i can’t remember all of the challenges which was a shame, but i do remember things like joining a social services and volunteer work… but i have to say that the challenge i find most unusual and challenging is: swimming at night.

so, it might be common for Westerners… but in the East, you RARELY swim at night. it’s probably because most pool facilities closes at night and that it’s really something that my parents wouldn’t agree with.

but of course, i’m not going down on that challenge. on the first day of the year (when i was still staying at the beach resort mind you, the pool there is open 24/7 πŸ˜‰ ) i finally convinced myself with my extra super persuading skill (yes, i’m bragging :p) and i finally get the permission. i’m not telling mom since she’ll go nutso and would completely stamp me and my dad down. as long as i have dad on my side, everything’s going to be a-okay πŸ˜‰

so i went swimming at night. probably at like 8 or so.

fyi, i was scared to death. well, not to death really… but i was nervous and very scared. for once, i never did anything like it before, and i didn’t tell mom. the latter was the worst. anxiety seems to fill me up in all the breaths that i take… i’m just so scared to know of her reactions when she knows that i’m swimming at night. i keep imagining my name being called, so i looked back a couple of times before continuing on my mission.

when i’m finally done, i tiptoed back to the bungalow, took a quick hot shower, just in case someone might notice already and was done in like 5 minutes or so. when i went out, dad was sitting on the porch. he was really really calm. i figure that i can ALWAYS trust him. nobody knew. and i was like: O.o. for real for real? and he just nodded his head and said: “they’re too busy with the prawns”

so i think the nerve and everything was just a waste, for nothing did happen, and i completed my first mission on the first day of the year! πŸ˜€ i’m so happy, i think my brain flooded me with Endorphine. i couldn’t stop smiling, my cheeks were heavily blushed and when my mom asked me why, i just grinned. i cannot say anything. my first completed mission!Β yeay!


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