long day today…

i don’t know why i felt so damn tired today. did nothing really, slept after Mandarin, ate a lot… why so tired?

stupid body ><

oh! you’d be like “what is this girl talking about?” once i tell you this, but i feel like i have three hearts making three different heart beats. well, it’s not really heartbeats, and you know that you only have one heart… but the wound and the super gigantic mouth ulcer is repeatedly throbbing to the point where it can be mistaken as a heartbeat. i guess it’s a sign that the body’s mending itself? magical O.o

anyhow, i’m back to studying.

countdown: 4 days to go to SAT. i really need to focus and concentrate more. *sigh* mayday! mayday! the brain is freezing!!!!!!!!! >.<;

so okay, i’m going now. i blogged just to tell you that. i know it doesn’t seem important, but touching up on my blog everyday keeps me sane. it does! it makes me realize that there are other things besides studying and that there’s no reason to freak out, panic and get so stressed so easily as there are millions of people going through what i’m going through now.

enough of the chat. *blows kisses* see ya!


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