“i hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan…”

i was so tired today…. i guess i didn’t get enough sleep and was very active throughout the day yesterday since it was my friend’s 17th birthday, and she held like a dinner party at Jakarta. the party itself is awesome 😀 i love to wear pretty dresses and eat good food. i feel like a real princess xD me and my princess-y obsession is getting out of hand T.T

today… well, i must be so tired since i went to school bringing my lap top’s charger without the lap top itself. i feel like i’m hallucinating and i can almost positively say that i’m floating in between physics and math. played soccer today, and i think i fell asleep while kicking a ball around considering that i trip and scratched my elbow pretty bad. i thought that it would hurt big time, but then again, it was not a big deal. there was a lot of blood, and pus is also coming out from the wound, but seriously, even when putting alcohol onto the wound, i only felt a sting. it’s good to know that the years of me toughening myself up is not a big fat waste after all. yes, i do cry now. but at least, a little sting does not bother me. mom was the opposite though… she was staring and cringing repeatedly the whole time. poor mommy~~ i gave her a hug and assured her that i was okay. she said that i was such a little girl to still trip over a ball. but accidents happen… i don’t mind the pain as long as it won’t leave a mark or something… that would be awful ><

watched some chick flicks today with my girls, namely Dear John and The Notebook. the girls are into Nicholas Sparks all over again… *sigh* and we’re always planning on a sleepover with a jumble of romantic movies and books, fatty snacks, girly pajamas, and also colored hair sprays as well as nail polishes ❤ can’t wait for that.

anyway, i’m rocking onto some random music now playing on my iTunes. reality is again slapping me. SAT, here i come.

*waves good bye* i’ll miss you too. 😉

now playing: Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus


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