breaking down (part 1) in 2011

i don’t know why i’m going through all of this crap anymore.

what makes it easier is to know that everyone cares. i really feel like crying, and i eventually did cry as things aren’t going as how they should be. forum friends are just sooo special to me. we’re practically strangers, but they did their best to actually comfort me, giving me free hugs and all. thank you guys… i really appreciate them :”) *huggles all of you back*


the budget list; the qualifications; the time… everything.

not to mention their intimidating stares when i was in the meeting room earlier with the board of directors.

no pain, no gain. if you’re scared to take risk, then might as well just drop the whole event. if you want to market your product, as in the school in this case, YOU have to give me a REALISTIC budget. it’s not cheap i assure you, and it would be ridiculous of you to actually expect something CHEAP. if you want something without quality, then i’m dropping the job.

but of course, i didn’t exactly say that to them. >< approval is seriously like gold to me. just approval. how am i going to go look for sponsors if the school has not given me the approval yet? i know this is not charity, but it’s not supposed to be trashy either. if you want to invest on this, then invest properly. tsk.

so, okay, there’s the risk; there’s the overwhelming budget list; there’s the neighborhood convenience; the place; rent fees… but do you want to do it, or not? THAT’S the question people!!!

i’m totally in a grumpy mood. i’m drinking loads of water to cool myself down and i just about fill my bladder every minute or so. you know what i mean.

but that’s not important. the most important thing is how can i go out from this situation? how can i de-stress myself? how can i get them to approve of my proposal???? !!!!!!!!!!!


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