SAT and dinner.

as i’m online rn, i figured out that i might as well write a bit. can’t really resist the temptation xD

so, hello dear readers and bloghearts!

i’m just going to post a picture of my dinner in today’s post as i think that it looks pretty. very simple, but very pretty. not to mention, very healthy and delicious too !! ^^

i had white cabbage for dinner, with scrambled eggs, and prawn cooked together. you pretty much just jumble everything up in a frying pan and voila! you get like the tastiest, simplest thing! i usually just cook things like these when mom’s not at home. eat it with a bowl of steaming red rice and top it off with bottled chilly sauce. simply magical.

my mom also had a reunion today. she met with her old friends… not really old, considering that they were friends when i’m still in school with their children. (you do get what i mean, right?) well, a senior and a friend of mine moved school, and so, my mom rarely sees her friends again.. her friends meaning my friends’ mothers. ( i hope i’m making things clear) so! a senior one year ahead of me had just taken the SAT. and not just one SAT. every SAT for the whole year! i couldn’t believe it as well when mom told me. i was like: ‘don’t they have any other things to spend money on?’ the SAT is not that cheap, you know… i’m digressing.

so they met in a Japanese restaurant, and my senior’s mom gave her this stack of SAT books. guides, exercises, tips… you name it, i have them on my bed. 4, perfectly grown, 550 thick paged books of SAT are now sitting idly on my bed, waiting to be digested. so in total, i have five SAT preparation books to hang around with for the next one and a half week. how i’m going to go through all of them, i don’t know. i doubt that i would be able to finish even one book. pathetic.

and with that, it’s my cue to leave. i have to go now. /sigh/ see you people. i hope this all will end in a good way. oh! and i have to receive my reports tomorrow, which means that i will have to wake up early again tomorrow. tough luck. >< see you then!



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