semi hiatus.

first day: crashed onto my bed immediately after coming home from school

second day: brain REFUSED to work after being smashed at school by ridiculously hard math, biology, chemistry and physics questions.

so now, i’m in class writing during Chemistry period while my friends are eating Korean food 😀 the best chemistry class EVUHHH~ 😉 those gimbap and bimbimbap is making my tummy rumble ><

so! so much for not writing. i did absolutely nothing on the first day since the first day has always been very harsh on me T.T watched Rapunzel’s Tangled on the first day and basically snoozing afterwards. did nothing, which was not good! *stares at resolution list*

second day, i did some tuition fee research with ma mere. i have to say that i’m not utterly shocked, but really, i’m not calm either when i saw those godly figures on my calculator. T.T *sigh* education is indeed expensive. no wonder that most of the world’s population couldn’t afford it.

which leads me to today. i’m determined to study my butt off for this SAT. this is no joke. i need a good score to go abroad. i need to get a scholarship, otherwise, i might just never go abroad to study. /tear

so i might update, but i might not as well. i need to get my head on the game for now–otherwise, i’ll just cry myself a river when i know i’ve failed the SATs. and that is NEVER going to happen. hmph.

so here it is. a semi hiatus announcement. *sigh* goodbye people. /pops out.


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