future educations.

okay. so i totally regret doing all those push ups now. the whole of my upper body aches >< this is no joke.

and dad’s going home tomorrow. school’s starting tomorrow.

but this is not a rant post as you would expect it to be dear readers… it’s about choices.

went to an education expo earlier this afternoon, and finally understood why people say too little or too much options are no good. too little, you don’t really have any options >< too much, you get confused choosing the right one for you.

so there i was bombarded with several different brochures and flyers of various institutes and universities.

i narrowed it down to three.

APU/Ritsumeikan – Japan

i love the culture. enough said. and when i love the culture of that country, i can live there forever and be happy. i like the fact that the university is close to the hot springs, and Beppu is like, only a boat trip away from korea. >.< that’s always a plus 😉 i wanted to do international business, which they have, and it’s actually first on my priority list.

Blue Mountains / Le Cordon Bleu – Australia

they’re both International hospitality and tourism schools. i’m actually interested in that also. aaaanndd~ and i’m looking at a super quick lightning fast process at obtaining a business degree. 2 and a half or 3 to the max, years of studying which already includes a one year worth of internship. i mean, everyone can get a certificate. what makes you different from the rest of them business bachelors?

Monash University – Australia

what other people didn’t know was that it actually excels in its medicine department. but since the majority of Asian students attending the school went to the business department, it is known as a ‘business school’. T.T

third on my list since they’re very flexible. lots of electives to choose from, which means that i can actually do business and some music at the same time. 😀

*sigh* my mom is not ready to actually ‘release me’ and let me go to the US. i might go to Iowa State Uni. but i’m not really sure either.

confused. confused. confused.


2 thoughts on “future educations.

    1. yeah. Monash is actually quite cool. i like the fact that we can choose completely different electives from what we’re studying for our major.
      can you recommend other Australian universities that are as good as Monash?

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