another talk about the future.

/slides in – wheeeeeee!

had a rather serious breakfast again today.

we talked about the future, and the future has always sounded appealing to me. idk why. i know there must be a time where i might dread the future for what it’s going to bring me, and i don’t want that time to come so soon. but as that is in the future, and i’m anticipating the future, wouldn’t that be something that i’m anticipating too? nvm.

anyways, we talked about road trips, scholarships, universities, travelling, Japan… we talked about a lot of things.

but what comes before it is… struggle. idk why, but i’m actually looking forward to struggling.

(weird. >> rephrasing) i’m looking forward to work hard before finally receiving the good stuff.

(there. it’s more like it ><)

i like that feeling when i feel that i really deserve to get the things that i get. maybe it’s just me, but maybe it’s not just me. there’s billions of people in this world… some of them must be thinking like me. right?

it’s like you’re shedding sweat, tears, blood (okay, i’m exaggerating) to get what you want, and finally getting it.

the satisfaction… such satisfaction. i’m ready for that.

until then peeps. i shall go and do some more studying.  /buttrocks.

shall give this brain a little warm up from all the fat and idleness.. it’s time to march up again!


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