the countdown to real life.

*yawns* hey blooggg~

so i’m going to sleep shortly now. said my goodbyes to my babies in twitter…

it’s raining… and the idea of snuggling inside of my blanket with a fluffy pillow =  bliss

i did everything in my power today to forget about the Mr. David incident. i refuse to read the papers, i’m closing my ears to all the rumors, or the ugly truth that might be around after his death. don’t you just think that it’s an injustice for him as well as for us who wants to remember him as not the Mr. David who’s glum and dark, but as the Mr. David who’s fun and cheerful?

i know that sh!t happens. but it doesn’t mean that you should really blow it up and away. i know… i know… it’s the media’s job to do that. but at least people could be civil enough to not talk about it. meh~ but what can i do? i cannot tell everyone to just shut their pie hole and continue life. i live in a free country as it is. i’ll just forget about it.

so, went to Jakarta today. had fun 😀 5 more days to go before i really have to go to school… well, 4 more days. it’s 1 AM already for me here.

from now on, there will be less intense posts since i really have to focus on my SATs . unless some unexpected and out-of-the-mind bizarre thing happen in my life, i’m not going to really talk about anything. as the holidays are slowly leaving, the festivities are fading away. i need to go back to the real life rn. well, not really rn. ASAP.

until then people. i’ll post my trip accounts tomorrow including some pictures 😉 for now, it’s snooze time!


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