[tag] a thing or two about Cassiopeia and real life

so much for being enthusiastic of the new year. it did NOT start well to say the least. you know that this will be a rant post so kindly click the (x) button on the upper right corner if you don’t need any of this right now. i know for the fact that listing this all wouldn’t really help, but i need to get this off my chest because i might really end up being in a matchbox. so please bear with me.


i’m a member of two forums and two forums only. up until now, i only participate in oneTVXQ.com (or O! for short) and GOE;ss – a forum that supports the korean boyband that i’m in. and it might sound ridiculous to those who does not understand KPOP, but this is important to me, as it is to everyone else who knows KPOP as well as to the people who are supporting the boys (a fan like i am). i always brag about Cassiopeia (DBSK’s fanclub). but now that it is falling apart, idk what i’m supposed to do anymore. the five boys, they’re an inspiration. and Cassiopeia is just about one of the greatest things i’ve encountered in my life. making the Guiness Book of World Record back in 2006 for the most people in the fanclub, the whole fandom manages to bring people from all over the world to meet, be friends and eventually be very close. what goes in my mind right now is that international cassies (icassies) should in turn protect the five people from their origianl korean fanbase that has stepped onto the brink of insanity. say what? that is one of the most ridiculous thing that i’ve ever heard. think about it. the five of them are Korean idols. but 3 of them are not allowed to perform or broadcast in Korea due to some rubbish lawsuit that shouldn’t have existed in the first place if not for their incredibly evil agency. and now 2 of them are being alienated to their own Korean fanbase. >< so much for being Korean.

so to emma, jess, aria, shan, scar, tiff, haru unnie, yuni unnie, rin unnie, rella unnie, melon unnie, diana unnie, jee unnie, mia, jeans, linh unnie, karla, moo, jiji, bea unnie, vampy, val, zef, maecy, star, krystal, chantelle, bao, rachel, lexy, deb, umma deb, karin, sara, fina, arcia, dee, denise, jena, rose… and lots of other precious names that i couldn’t possibly state one by one… thank you 😀 i hope that we can pull through all of this and have more wini sleepovers in the near future ^^ rest assured, you’re all jjang!

real life

the death of a science teacher; upcoming SATs; event organizing; IELTS; university applications; the usual projects and homeworks; career week;

that’s about it really. me no likey these things. and the thing is that, everything is about emotions and everyone is emotional (including myself). i cannot possibly go about my event organizing when i, along with everyone else is still mourning. but the event needs to go on if we are still going to do it, or if we want it to be a successful one. i’m not going to be pushy about it; and am trying to be way beyond my maturity level for i am aware that i’m still such a child.

but i can’t help but think that i’ll screw up. then again, i CANNOT think that i’ll screw up since the law of attraction will come and screw me up for real.

so here’s to dad who’s going to be forever my guru, mom, sisters, park sist aka my unofficial sister aka future cardiac surgeon, cecil for saying that i can do it. steph & alay for being someone who’s there when i need to talk. you guys are trained psychologists and doctors, even from now ^^ the pattaya sisters + nince + bro: i can’t get enough of you guys. mamih, kevin (who’s practically a twin), nay: for the free hugs, miming&sherly: for the bullies (jk, i love you 😉 ), ribka, meimei, mansha, and iv.

now that i’ve put my problems into boxes and have it all locked up under the bed, i can move on. feels like a relieve. come on– i dare you to write your problems, be as creative and as exaggerated as you like, and then finish it, forget it, and move on.

so here’s to the friends that i’ve met and to the friends that i’ve never met before (and willing to meet). i can always believe that i’ll pull through when i have friends 😀 you guys are the awesomest, epicest, greatest, lovable-st, cutest, funniest, funkiest, prettiest, snarkiest, amazing-est, super-est friends in this whole wide freakin’ horrible world. i’ll end this rant post saying that i’m so lucky to have you guys as a friend.


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