01/01/11 – RIP Mr. David Booth

For the person who taught me leptons and quarks,

who had a hard time giving full marks,

to a big brain, big stomach and big heart,

i know that it is always your intention on making us smart,

you might not be the kindest science teacher,

nor are you the funniest creature,

but you are definitely the greatest ever,

for Mr. David, you are so clever,

it’s a shame that i didn’t have the courage,

to ask for your chocolate and banana pocky,

but i know i’ll never disparage,

even when the road of life gets rocky,

and i think you really should know…

that when people realized, to the heavens, you have row,

the whole of SBR has less yellows than blues,

but i’m thinking of how i will never study biochemistry with you,

i will never forget the times where you said toilets are fun,

or how your bald head used to shine like the sun,

how you always fill the library with bombs,

and how you did not even own a single comb,

not to forget, the upin-ipin background,

as well as the picking-up-the-phone Mr. Bean sound,

then there’s this “Aye, I’m Mr. David, sometimes”

i wish you know how hard i try to make this poem rhyme

but do you know what is so sad?

the one big thing that makes me mad…

some of the press are being cruel,

again, i wish they know how they’re a fool,

and now truth is like a needle in a haystack

when everything is no longer grey but black

if only i can throw them into sacks

and eat them up as midnight snacks

but i’m still blinded of the truth,

and i don’t want to judge you Mr. David Booth,

i’ll remember you only as the British nutter,

like when you say “it’s better with a bit of butter”

who knows, Cecil might really end up being a famous cardiac surgeon,

and after all that, it was you who made sure she got her notes right on diffusion,

like how i hate eye cells which are shaped like rods and cones,

i despise the thought that you died alone.

i know that i’ll miss you more than ever on school’s first day,

but this is what i really want to say:

“sleep well, Mr. David”

From: forever your student

there. i’ve said everything that i wanted to say. that was a closure. i’m moving on now, like how he might have wanted it.



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