the first day’s accomplished mission

so it’s half past nine and i’m so sleepy already. i guess this is because i only slept for five hours and that, obviously, wasn’t enough.

i had a blast again today. i really feel like i have to play hard today since this will be the last day that i’m staying here. i’ll be off at nine tomorrow morning heading back to Bogor.

so i’m a frequent buyer of this monthly magazine, and there’s this edition that posted an article with a title: “Things to do before you turn 18” –being the natural ambitious girl that i am, i took up on the challenge. i cannot remember the exact list, but i do remember something about joining a non-profit organization that supports various causes and also, swimming at night. the problem about swimming at night is that i can’t find a swimming pool with a full time operational hour. up until now… i asked the front office here regarding the operational hours and they said that the pool can be used anytime as long as it doesn’t cause a disturbance for the other guests.

so on the first day of the 365 year, i accomplished my first challenge. swimming at night. it might be common out there in western countries, but in here, it is considered weird to swim at night considering that public swimming pools are always close at night; i’ve planned this since yesterday actually, and had to do a bit of a compromise with my dad, but all things went well. better than i’ve expected actually. when i asked my dad if anyone knows of our secret, he said that no one didn’t even realize that i disappeared from the room. a little sad when you think about it… but it was all worth it!

took a picture, and had the pleasure of telling them and seeing their faces when i told them i just swam 😀 happy happy happy.

so now i’m wasted. and again, i’ve planned to wake up at 6 tomorrow to play on the beach for the last time. so much for being enthusiastic. until then ppl 😉 start working on your resolutions!!

p.s. as per usual, pictures would be up tomorrow ^^


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