31.12.10 – (time log) 11:30

finally! i’m back πŸ˜€

i swear, it is so so hard for me to log on. oh internet… why should you torture me so? at New Year’s Eve as well?

okay, a little note of apology. i stupidly thought that New Year’s eve was yesterday, but then it hit me that today must be New Year’s eve– so please forgive me for the misunderstanding and miscommunication. i was a little drunk yesterday from excessive sea water and heat. (although i know that they’re not the reasons as to why i foolishly said that yesterday is New Year’s Eve, but let’s just assume that they are)

like seriously, where has the year gone? Β i just had my last dinner at 2010. well, it was a big dinner and boy am i full. we had skewed beef, 3 types of roasted fish, roasted shrimp, roasted prawn, french fries… i know the latter doesn’t match, but it was all good! i gobbled everything up. i have to have a big last meal on 2010 πŸ˜€ it was worth all the sugar, calorie and fat… trust me on that πŸ˜‰

anyway, i’m typing away here in the bedroom and i could hear the fireworks going off outside on the beach. seen a couple of them already and it was FESTIVE!! it was very colorful– when i think about it, it’s actually pretty pathetic when you get excited because of mere fireworks. but i do! i love the colors, the adrenaline stimulating sound; everything!

it’s actually still an hour to go before 2011 for me, but i can assure you that my last day of 2010 is a blast– and i hope you guys had a wonderful day today as well. i woke up to the sound of waves crashing. jumping off my bed, i ran to the porch and smelled the fresh sea air. drank coffee and had chocolate bread before running to the beach. when i went back to the bungalow to change into a swimming suit, gramma has arrived along with the troops πŸ˜€ so it was suddenly noisy and crowded. lol. i swam, had a big lunch, and then went on a road trip with just my parents and my sisters around the area. brought back enough drinks of all kinds to feed an army, i ran back to the beach to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. happy and wet, i took a shower only to find that they are roasting meat already. we had another big meal, walked on the beach, had some little conversations, played games, and now i’m here, waiting for the day as well as the year to end.

so that’s my recap of the whole day. i had fun and i’m so happy that fun is what i feel at the end of this year. in all honesty, i don’t think that i did my total best in 2010. when 2010 first came, i thought that it would be like any other year. it would be boring, with nothing to do– and guess what? it turned out to be a boring year. so i’m going to use this law of attraction for another better purpose. 2011 is going to be great. i’m going to be enthusiastic; i’m going to be more lively. i’m going to study harder, work harder, play harder, and party harder. since i will have my SATs in just 21 days, and will have to start filling university application papers, i dare this year to be fantastic and full of surprises. i’m going to risk being disappointed all over again– i guess everything comes with consequences, and it’s time for me to try something new. instead of being scared of disappointments, i’m going to challenge expectation. i’ll endure a couple of bruises if it means that i get to have an exciting year.

so here’s to you. you live this world only once. live it to the fullest. make sure that ‘to be happier’ is on the top priority of your resolution list πŸ˜€ i know mine is ^^

i couldn’t possibly update at midnight on the dot considering that my computer is already lagging as it is…

but HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! blow your trumpets, have some alcohol and light up your fireworks. it’s time to partayy— 2011, i dare you to be filled with wonder.

no picture. >< i can’t possibly upload anything. until then people. keep coming for more updates πŸ˜‰


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