5 minutes to New Year’s Eve rambles

i mean it when i say that i’m a last minute girl.

i’m even breaking the news to you guys now! tsk. amateur blogger >< so i’m going for my second trip tomorrow. yeap. the last trip was on Christmas Eve, i’ll be going tomorrow at New Year’s Eve… so in a span of just a week, i’ll be going on two trips. but this time, i’ll be going to the beach. ❤ i love the beach.

and… as you guessed it. i haven’t finished packing, i haven’t take a bath, i just about have to wake up in 4 more hours… so, yeah. you get my point. i was too distracted by the new DBSK CF that came around just a few hours ago, and also by the final AFF soccer competition between Indonesia and Malaysia.

i have to say that Malaysia is pretty good. but i don’t appreciate their ‘cheating methods’. however, congratulations Malaysia for winning the AFF cup! Malaysia may have won the cup, but Indonesia won my heart ❤ — a cup can easily be made, but a heart is not easily won everyday. they won my heart today for their excellent sportsmanship and valiance. i’m so proud of them. God bless this country.

as for the DBSK CF. i needed CPR pronto.

Uknow, it was hotness to the Max

only a true Cassiopeia can understand that line 😉 i love their new mushroom hair, and i didn’t know that flour can look so sexy!!

Cassiopeia, the Gods are back tonight.

i’ll try to blog if i have internet connection. i’ll definitely bring my laptop since i need need need to finish my story ASAP. you have no idea how flustered i get when it comes with regard to my story…

anyway, i’m going to go off now. i’ll try to update tomorrow if i can, but i’m not promising anything. *sigh* so much things to do, so freakin’ little time.

picture: showing off my newly done nails ❤ new colors for the new year 😀 yeah!!

p.s. please excuse the weird, stubby fingers of mine that are not proportional. those fingers work for me and i love them. so get it off your head ><


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