To: the heroine of my life. –happy mother’s day– from: your daughter.

my country is celebrating mother’s day today. idk why but i’m always so happy at mother’s day~

isn’t it awesome? every year, my mother would always have two mother’s day and a present from her children for each of the special day.

so now, i would like to dedicate this post to mommy dearest. (who currently is happy for finding her misplaced car keys under the Christmas tree T.T )

i’m not going to lie and say that you haven’t annoyed me. because you do piss me off big time; but i’m sure i pissed you off too. it’s a healthy mother and daughter relationship 😀

thank you for witnessing me strive, helping me in my struggles as well as encouraging me when i lose faith. thank you for being there when i’m confused, lost and heartbroken. thank you for being happy with me when i pass my exams, when i am successful in the things that i do, and when i fall in love. thank you for the hot chocolates, for the movie dates, and for the late night talks too. but most of all, thank you for being you. the greatest mom in the whole wide world. i’ll never survive without you. literally.

picture: mother and daughterby *Cyril-Helnwein


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