“i’ve lived by a man’s code designed to fit a man’s world, yet at the same time i never forget that a woman’s first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick.”

i’ve always been attracted to old movies, and so hearing that Gone With The Wind is a major classic, i feel the need to watch it. i guess you’re never late in watching old classics… it’s old anyway ><

so~ the movie was approx. 5 hours including the intermission part, and… i just don’t know what to say about it. it is one of the weirdest movie i’ve ever seen so far. i assume that it took place in accordance to the Sound of Music movie, but the Sound of Music made more sense to me ._. hmm. or is Gone with the Wind before the Sound of Music?? i understand the part where the movie took place at times of the Civil war– but i’m sorry to say that i find it funny when Scarlett’s father, or the late Mr. O’ Harra was trying to teach this guy a lesson on who is the alleged owner of Tara. he supposedly jumped a fence with his horse and died because he failed to do so. thus, i can actually predict that Scarlett’s daughter, Bonnie, would die as well when she tried to jump the fence with her pony T.T

i was like: please. you’ve GOT to be kidding me.

but she did die. and of course, Scarlett and her husband, Mr. Butler, were devastated. but really, i probably am not accustomed into seeing old movies where everything is overly exaggerated, and with this, you just don’t know whether it’s a sad ending or a happy ending. maybe… a mixture of both??

howeverr~ it has its own charm. idk why i watch the whole movie when for me, some parts are too weird and overdone (modern taste. i have to develop a switch for my brain to be able to appreciate the old art), but i kept watching. and of course, being me, i did a small research on the movie on imdb– and i think the whole thing lies on the personalities of the actors and actresses. ++ i’m TOTALLY astounded that some actresses at that era worked on a movie for just $400. like seriously? if you receive $400 today for doing a movie, you might as well just spend the whole thing on your premiere dress. T.T and i can’t help but notice that one or two actresses and actors were born in Japan and India (probably where their parents were settling >> colonies) and that some of their spouses were dead because the plane that they rode were shot by some military forces. everything sound so surreal. an actor was even born a decade before i even existed. so much for old movies…

the picture on the above is of Vivian Leigh who played Scarlett O’ Harra. i think she’s MIGHTY pretty. and i love what she’s wearing. old taste, remember?

and–the thing i was saying before about the actors/actresses personalities… i somehow think that they’re not fake. as to how i define fake itself, i do not know… but there’s something about them that is completely and utterly genuine. unlike lots of actors and actresses nowadays… i mean, like singers being actors and actresses and vice versa– it’s okay if they do have talent on both, but i’ve seen enough to tell that some are talented on both, and some are not. you’ve just got to face reality. why act if you couldn’t? plus, ‘old’ actors and actresses tend to have conviction in themselves. they define what we now know as thumb rules for life. they should make it a comeback trend. i think most actors and actresses are judged on what they say then, not really for their fashion sense. fashion is important, and i’ll be lying if i say i don’t adore it like everyone else does, but they should be able to project themselves positively as well. i think this is why the old classics are so famous and why Hollywood have such a sturdy and fine foundation. it has a perfect base made up of strong characteristics and distinctive personalities.

and that’s my long summary regarding old films and their players~ i hope you’re not too bored 😉

p.s. the quote i have as the title post was quoted from Carole Lombard. google her up. you’ll know who she is 😀


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