Today’s a Fairytale :) :) :)

omg. i’m FINALLY back from a very very long but fun day 😀 can you see me smiling? i’m grinning from ear to ear.

my friend Nadira treated us today since last week was her birthday– thank you for making this a very awesome day nay >> *virtual kisses and hugs* ; we played bowling and ate at Takigawa *i’m drooling again here… food’s so good!* and after that, my makeshift twin, and my makeshift sister, and i, went sight seeing. the three of us are literally obsessed with everything princessy. so we did a princess photo shoot. it was rather embarrassing really~ what we did was crash on one store, try all sorts of different dresses and take pictures in the fitting room. we didn’t buy them, and once we’re done taking photographs of ourselves, we put the dress back on the hanger.

despite getting back aches and leg cramps from maintaining the hype and walking too much, it was real fun! definitely a stress reliever… and if you’ve got awesome girlfriends (like i do 😉 ), you should really make this amateur photo shoot activity on the top of your priority list.

i was super full as well from lunch that i skipped dinner. the heck with dinner~ i’m not accustomed to eating dinner now. idk… either skipping dinner, or eating a really really light meal. the thing is, when i now eat a big dinner, i end up getting stomach aches at night. it has nothing to do with the ‘moving of the bowels’ if you know what i mean =.=a but my stomach is just not accustomed of digesting food above 7 PM max. weird tummy.

anyway, i might write for a bit before i go to bed. i really have to go to the church tomorrow at 6 >< and i feel so darn tired today, i know i’ll sleep like a baby~ until then bloghearts.

oh and to Cecil and Imelda — thank you for making this day a fairytale. xoxo love you loads.

listening to: Today’s a Fairytale – Taylor Swift

picture: personal stash– unfortunately i don’t have pictures of the three of us. i’ll add up on pictures when they’re uploaded 😉


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