trudging up the hill.

hey blog. i’m back…

wiggling my feet in my new purple socks 😀 it’s really cold today. woke up at 9 again this morning and had hot milk tea… didn’t skip my breakfast this time 😉 although, i have to say it wasn’t big either. just 2 small pieces of chocolate bread and that’s it. i don’t feel like eating. i feel, weirdly enough, bloated today.

change of subject >> i think i’m going to write for a little. i have to at least, get my story done by the end of this holiday. i have to. i have to have to have to.

as for my insecurities… it’s still there. but the heck with it. i really want to do this, and i guess, unless for myself T.T, nothing can stop me.

oh, and i did a quick research on the tuition fees of Cambridge uni. i wasn’t expecting to go there or anything, i’m just curious as to how much the tuition will cost. and when i saw the numbers i was like: oh sh*t (i’m sorry i’m cursing. but man!) esp if you convert it to my currency and see all those zeros! *faints*

a short post for now… i might be back later in the afternoon, let’s just see.

adieu, for now.


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