the facebook quiz.

* Fun to be with* Secretive* Difficult to fathom and to be understood* Quiet unless excited or tensed* Takes pride in oneself* Has reputation* Easily consoled* Honest* Concern about people´s feelings* Tactful* Friendly* Approachable* Very emotional* Temperamental and unpredictable* Moody and easily hurt* Witty and snarky* Sentimental* Not revengeful* Forgiving but never forgets* Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things* Guides others physically and mentally* Sensitive and forms impressions carefully* Caring and loving* Treats others equally* Strong sense of sympathy* Wary and sharp* Judge people through observations* Hardworking* No difficulties in studying* Loves to be alone* Always broods about the past and the old friends* Likes to be quiet* Homely person* Waits for friends* Never looks for friends* Not aggressive unless provoked* Prone to having stomach and dieting problems* Loves to be loved* Easily hurt but takes long to recover* Overly concerned* Puts in effort in work*

[so that jumbled up thing on quote was supposed to be something that describes me and my personality. another afternoon of boredom. might as well just do it >< ^that^ on the above is supposed to be the answers to the quiz i did. ]

anyway, i’m actually surprised by how the majority of that is true. but of course, it is not without flaw.

some of these are extremely true. “Prone to have stomach and dieting problems” >> i’ve blogged about having a stomach ache for 5 days. it was horrible. no kidding. and i don’t sought food when i’m stressed. and i get stressed a lot as i’m “overly concerned” — which means that i don’t eat much these days.

i am very emotional. i get moved easily; i’m sentimental, i am temperamental and unpredictable. i am moody, but i’m not easily hurt; i do get along people really easily and am usually happy. but when i’m hurt it will take a long time for me to ‘heal’; that part is true.

i do forgive, but i never forget the people who scarred me nor the ones who leave me… as to “guiding others physically and mentally” i don’t know what that means.

i’m rowdy when i’m in school, or in a community that pushes me to be a chatty person; but i am not in real life. i like my peace and quiet; a lot of my friends doesn’t know that about me.

i am family oriented and i love when people call me ‘hardworking’ but nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me in being lazy T.T sometimes, at the worst moments.

it’s half true that i don’t dwell with nonsensical stuff, but i’m open to silly and weird stuff when it comes to that. on the contrary, i live through silliness. i’m happy when i’m silly 😀

i’m not really fun to be with, i’m boring; i don’t take pride of myself since i’m usually proud of myself when my parents are proud of me; i can’t say that i have reputation–and i’m not someone that is really approachable, but i’m trying to be. i don’t trust people easily, but when i finally trust them, i trust them with my life. that is what’s bad about me. ++ i give bad first impressions. sad but true.

i like to keep my secrets mine and i’m not actually comfy in telling what i really feel. i do blog about it sometimes, but private things, i keep to myself. except to a couple of friends, i rarely show my true feelings. so don’t expect me to go to the school’s counselor or to a psychologist when i get my heart broken or when i feel like i’m turning into a lunatic.

i love things romantic and classical, for the exception of music as something classical AND acoustic bores me. i prefer punk rock and new indie.

if i’m to be resurrected, i want to live in the Victorian era or something similar to that. like in the Jane Austen movies 😉 mind you, i’m not being a narcissist. *points to words in italics*

oh, and i cherish my friends and those who are close to me… for their never ending support and love ^^

the rest… it pretty much suits me okay.

i hope the long post does not bore you. if it does, then i’m sorry. xD but this is the result of my boredom.

p.s. this was posted on the ‘About Me’ tab, but i think that it’s too long and draggy and.. yeah, you know what i mean. for the mean time, ‘the wallflower’ is under construction. just so you know 😉



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