my motivation ran away from home.

didn’t feel like blogging today… but i blogged anyway.

today is not a good day. simply said. i don’t even feel remotely okay today.

went to school to be confronted by my science teacher. he said that i could’ve easily snatched a 100% for my chemistry examination if not for my overly complicated mind that thinks that the question couldn’t be as simple as that.

did a silly mistake in math as well.. resulting in a 36/38 score. darn darn darn! ~ and to think that a perfect score is so close… i’m regretting it.

English today wasn’t hard. we were told to summarize; but French on the other hand. tres defficil! je suis triste.

idk, me and my silly mistakes. i know i have been whinging a lot about stuff; specifically about school, but i swear… in the history of my studies i have NEVER felt this unmotivated..ever! i need my motivations back. i need to ace in school and get that scholarship, or my dream of going abroad for college can just commit suicide here and now.

++ my smallest sister is not in her best behavior today. she’s so rowdy and that annoys me soo much!

what’s more is that i have a freakin’ biology test tomorrow and i haven’t studied yet. not even one bit. and it’s now 10 PM. so my plan is to actually sleep now since i just cannot accept anymore pressure on my brain and wake up at 4 AM tomorrow. *sigh* i hope this actually works.

anyhow, i researched some household pictures on and felt better 😀

idk… i love looking at unique things. they have a lot of unique stuff out there. check it out.

disclaimer: i’m not advertising nor am i payed to advertise! you know what i mean…

whatever. i shall not bother you with more of my rants. until tomorrow peeps. i just cannot wait for Wednesday when i can finally be free and decorate my Christmas tree.

xoxo. much love.

your troubled writer, iggs.

listening to: Delicate – Damien Rice.


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