looking like a princess, eating my chocolate, and speaking French <3

the time has finally come to study again. ><

i’m not happy about this.

nonetheless, i have French and English tomorrow, so i better study… not for English though, but for French. at least, i should be able to introduce myself and be familiar with all the sentence patterns– as well as the verbes. like etre, avoir, habiter a, s’appeler and parler.

a tip from me when i study is that i always dress myself up. T.T idk, but i find it easier to study when i feel that i’m pretty. 😀 so i usually slip on my ring, and where bows on my hair when i study… sometimes i even go as far as wearing a dress that is both pretty and comfortable to wear ^^ trust me girls… you’ll find it easier to study when you feel like a princess. i’m not sure about boys though… idk. i’m not experienced in that field.

oh! and also stack up on delish snacks. 😉 since there are still pieces of dark chocolate left in the fridge and some dried cranberries, i usually have that. have whatever you like… but not chips! i like chips… but it gets annoying when you have grease all over your notebook. bleh~ but still, everything comes to your own preference.

i don’t actually have much time to write here today… unlike yesterday when i have tons of them. i’ll just sneak out quietly from here and shut off my lap top since it’s evil when i’m studying ><

i can’t wait for the day when i could shout on the top of my lungs: “bon vacances!”

until then…

au revoir monsieur, madame et mademoiselle…

i have to go study for my l’examen

much love. xoxo.

p.s. the long awaited post didn’t appear yesterday. i know, i’m sorry. i didn’t actually do another update, but i do modify my ‘The Wallflower’ tab. so check that out if you’re beginning to wonder where my post has gone to. merci beaucoup mes ami– have a good day!

p.s.1. and i’m currently making a header for this blog… i notice that the header i currently sport looks blurry and exhausted. somehow… i shall change it into something beautiful. (i hope)

picture: http://stopmenow.tumblr.com/post/1603420691


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