youtube fest

morning bloghearts 😀

so i had breakfast and lunch together today. lol… tasted weird xD but i woke up late today, and i’m so not going to miss my holy meal. nu-uh~ never. so i had them both at the same time 😀

i feel really grateful in days like these. when it rains in the morning and it feels cold, having hot coffee while snuggling up in a fuzzy blanket and talking to mom. just having to talk about… whatever. played the piano, i danced a little, i laughed, i eat a lot 😉 a perfect Saturday morning.

then, i was about to blog when i saw this: it’s a mash up of Taio Cruz’s Break your heart and Girlicious’s Maniac.

i’ve come across this video previously, but i didn’t give it much thought since i was busy at the time. but now, when i listen to them again… i was like WOW.

they’re Indonesian. like me… and boy was i surprised when they sing without an accent. i mean, they talk with hints of Indonesian accents, but when they sing, they’re singing with perfect english! well, not really flawless, but they’re not native speakers && it’s usually the other way around. speaking in good english, but singing with accent. ><  and i was like… i’m proud to be Indonesian. this is one of the reasons why this country shouldn’t be underestimated by others despite being a developing country. underdeveloped even… in some areas.

such raw talents… i started checking other related videos once i’m done replaying that vid for like 3+ times. ><

inspirational. people who have the guts to show what they’re worth to the world are inspirational. i mean, people have different taste in art. the reason why it couldn’t be objectively judged. but then again, they’re brave enough to show that: “hey! this is what i’m good at. and nobody can stop me from doing it.”

i wish i could be more like that. i wish i have the courage to show what i’m good at and not hide it for the fear of getting dissed. i wish i could just dump all my insecurities and march forward.

so that is what i’m going to do. i’m going to train myself to be the warrior that i am. i just hope i make it.



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