ditching physics

i’m writing several times today… i hope you don’t mind. i’m actually wishing to update another post just after this before i finally get on to writing my story.

anyway, i don’t feel like learning physics. i don’t feel like looking at the numbers, let alone reading about vector and scalar quantities. so i spent my afternoon researching about something very different from the subjects i learn in school.

do you know that the white wedding now practiced all over the world is courtesy of Queen Victoria of England? she married Prince Albert wearing a white gown and therefore it is now a tradition to wear a white gown at your marriage. well, not always white. something like cream, ivory, ecru and off white are still acceptable. women getting married prior to that of the Queen’s usually wear extravagant dresses in the color that they choose, or in the case of a girl of poor family, her best church dress.

i didn’t know much about Queen Victoria before this, because we only studied Elizabeth II,  Henry VIII and some other kings and queens that i now have forgotten at school. consequently i’m very curious as to what the queen who shared my name is like. and i’m very happy to know that she’s a strong individual, with a bold personality. as how i’ve read in the internet, she was forced to sign a regency paper and something of the sort when she was ill by Sir Conroy who seem to be, as i interpret it, the Queen’s mother’s favorite. but she refused as she knew that if she signed those papers, Sir Conroy will rule her mother as her mother rule the UK–that is, before she turned legal. she’s also one of the lucky queens to have married the person that she love, and who in turn loves her back. an influential leader who actually was in the monarch for the longest time in history, while also being with the man that she chooses, while also changing the course of the UK itself. she was extremely lucky.

and then it was the dinner stuff. i just knew that dinner itself was used to be taken at noon. T.T nonetheless, it is regarded as the biggest meal of the day. my biggest meal of the day is of course, as you guys have known, breakfast. i love breakfast. i don’t eat dinner much nowadays since i rarely get hungry after 5 PM… and oh! the table manners! how your fork and knife should be situated when you’re done, or when you’re half done. where you should use your napkin; table manners in different countries… it’s just so intriguing! researched the origins of a while bunch of English food as well and i’m now dying to have cream tea with scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam which i assume, is prepared in the Devonshire way… >< they sound awfully delicious.

black tie and white tie events are supposed to be different from each other as well. black tie events are less formal, where women could wear dresses that are mid calf or down to their ankles. but white tie events are formal stuff which requires the female to wear ball gowns– gowns which are floor length; opera style gloves is a typical accessory to the ball gown. as for tiaras, they are to be worn in really special occasions by that of royal blood or by married women if they have one.

and and and~ have you seen anything quite like this?

i have never seen such a thing in my whole life! well, up until a few hours ago.

that my dears is supposed to be a ballet boot. i think it’s what you get when pointe ballet shoes marry heels. that is absolutely ridiculous to the max! like who can walk in those? let alone dance in that… wonder.

what a lovely Saturday evening… i was bored, but it was really something fun to do!

so i’m going to blog once more (just once more, i promise you) while waiting for ‘The Young Victoria’ movie to load. a close friend of mine actually recommended this movie to me, but then she forgot where she’ve put the DVD! *epic fail* i’m already itching to watch it so i’m streaming the movie. 😥 and yes, it’s taking  SO LONG.

*sigh* see you on my next post peeps! oh, and i hope i don’t bore you with the long drag of information 😉





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