who eats my oreos?!

i hope you enjoy the macro 😀 it’s good to have a little laugh when you’re stressed.

my brain is freezing!

alright i’m through with this. math and chemistry is not  a good duo! don’t you ever mess up with these… babies. they’re going to hunt you down like police hounds.

i mean, they’re not that bad. math was easy! a little confusing regarding the number intervals– but chemistry was a little hard. idk if i’m going to lose marks on this, but i somehow relate a question to biology. since i’m pretty sure that we haven’t covered a lot of hydrophobic interactions as intermolecular forces in class, i took an example from the phospholipid bilayer which is supposed to be what cell membranes are made of. tsk. i’m so dead. i don’t even know what i’m writing anymore. i just write. i word vomit my test paper. i hope i don’t get marks off for that. and d’you know what my science teacher said? he said: “this was easy! you haven’t seen the biology yet.”

so now i’m dreading Tuesday. the day where i get to have biology and IELTS at the same time. i’m also dreading Physics… but French and English does not sound too bad. i’ll just have to wait and see i guess.

anyway, i’m SO done with friday. i’m looking forward to tomorrow… the Saturday slumber is always worth waiting.

and, i’m going to the dentist today. *sigh* i don’t like dentists. i mean he’s not a meanie, but he talks too much. and i always end up going home from the dentist at 7 PM.

but i’m hanging on. i’ve tried to keep my grades for as long as i remember and to let them drop now… a year and a half before graduating, is death. i need to get that scholarship, otherwise, i’m never going to study abroad.

see you then peeps. will try to catch some snooze before i go to the dentist.


picture: http://fuckyeahlaughters.tumblr.com/post/1481642346/you-fancy-huh-acousticsunshine


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