i’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine.

hey people!

so i’m back from a semi afternoon bath. i might as well admit it. i didn’t take a bath this morning ><

HAHA~ i hope you’re not that shocked. but it’s exceptionally cold this morning. please don’t compare me to people who are wildly crazy about the cold. you know you’re a polar bear when you live in a country where it’s -5 degrees Celsius now and still crave for ice cream. i’m taking this example from a forum friend of mine. i call her shan, and she’s Canadian. she’s impossible T.T i’m a genuine ‘tropical’ girl. i live near the equator. accept it people! xD

anyway, i’m so through with Bahasa and history. i have to say that despite not learning much, i find the tests rather easy. i’m not bragging or anything because i was myself surprised by it. i guess the ‘lazy’ factor helped a little. my nerve, weirdly enough, did not kick in today, and everything was fine. let’s just hope that tomorrow would be the same. because i’ll be facing the dreaded maths and chemistry together tomorrow. on a friday. would you not kill yourself? T.T

but… i get to have my noodles! and it was an avalanche of yum. was it the noodles or was it because i was so so hungry that i don’t even care what i put in my mouth. i came to the noodle shop being so hungry and left being so full 😀 i love that feeling.

*sigh* i’m going to sleep now. having a short nap before i have to go to Mandarin class. yes, despite having examinations, i’m still doing Mandarin. i only have 1 and a half year left to finish the course and be good at it. the same goes with Japanese. i don’t study 12 years of Mandarin for nothing. i need to get this done right and that i shall do. but the thing is i might not be able to sleep for long. mom’s insisting in going at 3 PM. which is 30 minutes from now. T>T i’ll crash in the library if i have to.

so until then peeps. i might post another update after i’m done with Mandarin. eyes shutting now. —

listening to: Ridin’ Solo – Jason Derulo


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