when life gets hard, have a popsicle.

it’s not like i don’t want to learn from my mistakes… it’s just that, i never get to sleep early in Sundays. ever! it’s just so ridiculous. and you know how Monday tortures you when you’re sleep deprived. it just isn’t fair.

anyhow, what a day! i’m so happy that school is SO over today, and that i’m having a holiday tomorrow ><

i don’t want to admit this, but things are getting out of hand. i have my exams in 3 days and i’m not even ready yet! stupid stupid stupid! this whole thing about organizing a big school event, examinations…. life… is stupid!

and also about having inspirations to write when i couldn’t write, and having writer blocks on days when i’m technically free is just so frustrating! i cannot write as of now! the brain and the imagination should understand that! so in theory, with this school event and examination thing going on + my imagination suddenly working its way out of her writer’s block, i’m screwed. i would choose to write rather than learn history any day, thus preventing me to study. again! say hello to me, the many queens of procrastination 😦 oh, and fyi, i’m not proud of that.

so the first thing that i did once i get in the house was march upstairs, dump my super heavy bag on my bed and march to the refrigerator to get myself a popsicle. and silly enough, it helped 😀

so people, calm yourself down and have a popsicle. life, might be hard on you… but it will never always be hard, nor will it always be easy. you’ve gotta do what you gotta do. and that’s that.

listening to: Watcha Say – Jason Derullo

picture: http://images1.vat19.com/soapsicles-popsicle-soap/soapsicle-popsicle-soap.jpg


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