happy that i’m not snapping… yet.

alert! alert! got hungry at 15 to 10 PM. i saw some Pocky and was planning to just finish the whole packet before i snap out of being the fool that i am and chose milk, a chunk of dark chocolate and dried refrigerated cranberries. ^^ so that now i’ve got my treasures, i’m writing ^^

i’m swamped with work. and to think that i have examinations in more or less a week, my stress level that has previously fell to a relaxation phase is steadily rising again. i can feel it. it’s like i’m so familiar with the feeling that i can even identify them from a sudden acceleration of anxiety or a misplaced beat of the heart. it’s just something that is there… and i can’t ignore it. darn~!

at the mean time, i’m done editing a script for my listening and speaking assessment. i seem to be editing a lot these days, ironically, not for the forum. real life is now chasing me with editing stuffs as well >.< it’s either from my dearest friends, or for the story that i’m currently writing… there will just be something to do.

from the level of stress, the lack of sleep, the small appetite, and with my friends and sisters being sick and all, i’m actually a little surprised that i’m not sick yet now. don’t get me wrong… i DON’T like to get sick. well, maybe when you were smaller, and you have nothing to lose at school, you’ll praise the Lord that you got sick. but now, i’ll feel like i’m cursed every time i got sick, just because i end up missing everything at school and having to catch up with the load of homeworks and projects that increases daily. shoot me. ~ i’m really thanking God that i have the most caring mother in the whole universe. she takes good care of me. i want to be like my mother someday 😉

anywho, i still need to finish this thing. the faster the better. there is only 1 watt left in my eyes. it’s getting heavier and heavier by the minute! so until then people ^^ i might not update a lot, but y’all know i love you ❤

p.s. forgive me of my indecency, but i swear i will start on my HP7 review tomorrow. i just do not have enough time on my hands. 😦

listening to: Down – Jay Sean


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