the historical java chip! :D

first milestone: 5 hours of heart to heart talk and laughter at Starbucks! ++ i finally get to hold a pen and my trusteed notebook once again!

i know that a lot of you guys spend your waking hours in Starbucks, but i don’t…and just doing exactly that, i felt like i’ve accomplished so much! today marks the end of the week. the start of the weekend. it deserves some fun! and i did have some. and it was awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

so finally after wanting to to go Starbucks for so long, i got my wish fulfilled at the end. it might be such a foolish and silly wish, but the tempt to drink coffee and pay for it for what it’s worth is just… something. not that i’m going to do this often now… never~ i wouldn’t ruin my reputation as a cheap bastard for this. that’s what my friend calls me btw… ‘cheap bastard’ but it was all fun. i’ve known them for so long that they could just pass in calling me that. that’s how close we are.

i guess you all know just how i fail in ordering Starbucks drinks. there are just too much with too many options i just cannot make my decision then and there on the counter. so! being the total geek that i was, i, discreetly, did a quick research on Starbucks drink menu on the last half hour of French. i thought i’d order a chai tea latte, but i think it doesn’t really suit the idea of me being festive. it’s too… plain. so i made up my mind to order a javachip. and from the nutritional value chart listed just on the right of a really tempting and pretty picture of the drink, i knew that i will be putting in 45% worth of saturated fat into my body. i was a little queasy to that, strictly speaking that saturated fat is just not on my list. but shoot me if i didn’t order that drink. i’ve waited for so long to go to Starbucks, ever since before my Science Report was done; and now that it’s completed, and that i finally get my chance to go, i might as well order the most sinful drink ever! ๐Ÿ˜€

so i did feel a little guilty diet wise and financially considering that i just gulp down a generous dollop of sweetened whipped cream + having to drink one of the most expensive coffees i’ve ever drank. but the heck with it. i slept late for nearly four days. i bathed at 1 – 2AM since the last three days and i skipped dinner for 4 days including now. i just cannot care less about what i’m putting in my body. as long as it feels good, it tastes good and it makes me feel happy, then… right on!

the day has been a blast. the talking and sharing part is the best and i get to write a coffee shop scene for my book. i love how i get to have the very essence of the place into my writing. it feels magical. ~ so i guess i’m still going to write for a few… and then i’m going to hit the sheets. i still need my rest… i guess i’m not done with my revenge yet.


*that is supposed to be an evil laugh*

anyways, good night people.

or good morning… depends on where you are.

i’ll see you when i see you.

missing you already.

sincerely yours,



2 thoughts on “the historical java chip! :D

  1. haha LOL. same here vic!! I never attempt a Starbuck until yesterday
    It’s like… almost 2 year since i last got one
    and i got Java chip too, since nayy & kevin said it’s good. and it is. but too many ice for my liking. but still, somewhere i’m lying to myself that it was the best drink i ever tasted cause i spent 43,000 on it xD

    1. lol xD ikr. i really was thinking on getting the chai one. but i changed my mind in the end. the chai must’ve been cheaper >.< but, i think java chip was a perfect fit for yesterday's 'freedom celebration' ๐Ÿ™‚

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